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About us

At MC Luxury Travel Group, we believe in crafting exclusive luxury vacations that surpass your wildest expectations. Our founders and travel enthusiasts hand-select each part of your vacation based on personal experience and time in the field.

We design unforgettable experiential travel itineraries with authentic know-how and insider access to provide you with a unique once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Committed to conservation, we use sustainable practices and make yearly donations to support local charity efforts and have a positive impact on the locations we experience.

Our Story

MC Luxury Travel Group (MCLTG) was born out of the idea that travel can nourish the soul through unforgettable experiences with rich cultures, local people, incredible wildlife, and breathtaking locations.

Our founders Mina and Frank fell head over heels for luxury and experiential travel while journeying all over the globe in search of magnificent experiences. Their desire to share their passion for travel with others inspired them to create MC Luxury Travel Group!

Who we are?

Mina Cevallos

As a Founder and CEO of EMEA, Mina co-leads the company with focus in corporate strategic initiatives, business development and marketing.

One of Mina’s passions is traveling, knowing the world, understanding their cultures, traditions, ways of thinking, feeling and living. Her passion and curiosity has led Mina to travel more than 50 countries around the world, she has lived in different countries such as Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain.

One of the countries that has captivated Mina is Sri Lanka where she developed several solidarity projects for children, animals and environmental conservation.

She received her BA Business Administration and her Master in International Trades Between Europe/Asia of UAB.

Frank M.

As Co-Founder and CEO of US Operations, Frank co-leads the company with a focus on bringing ultra-luxury tailor made experiential travel experiences with best in class levels of service.

Frank‚Äôs never ending inquisitiveness to learn and understand our world has taken him to over 55 countries; from trekking the Sahara desert, glaciers in the north pole, Machu Picchu; climbing the great wall of China, to diving Richelieu Rock in the middle of the Andaman sea. Frank has a particular passion for food, cultures, photography, and especially diving and wildlife conservation; because of this, Thailand has been one of Frank’s favorite places to travel to.

Frank continues to travel the world exploring locations while ensuring that the standards of MCLTG are always met. 

Frank received his BA in Computer Engineering from La Salle University, and his MBA from The University of Colorado.

The Team

Our travel connoisseurs are local experts who provide an insider perspective you would never find in a guidebook. They are committed to uncovering ultra-luxury locations that add a magical, exclusive dimension to your dream vacation. You can rest assured that our team of guides will deliver knowledgeable and insightful service. Furthermore, our founders spend eight weeks in the field every year to visit properties, gather information on each region, and uncover hidden gems to make your fabulous luxury vacation memorable for years to come. 

How it works

  1. Information Sheet: To begin, simply fill in the information sheet so we can learn more about you and your individual needs.We will pair your journey needs with a luxury travel specialist who will contact you to further create your perfect journey.
  2. Travel Specialist Assignment: Based on your travel needs, we will pair you with a luxury travel specialist who will collaborate with you to make your vision a reality. Now is the time to enjoy the journey and take advantage of having a luxury tour meticulously organized for you.
  3. Perfecting the Journey: You can give feedback on your itinerary and we will adjust your journey until you are completely satisfied, after which we will send the payment link.
  4. Enjoy Your Vacation: Now you can embark on your luxury vacation completely relaxed, with the tour of your wildest fantasies meticulously crafted specially for you.

MC Luxury Travel Group