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Luxury Tours In Austria

Luxury Travel In Austria

The hills are alive in Austria, with music and the potential for luxury experiences on your dream vacation. From the tall peaks of the Tyrolean Alps to the old-world class of Vienna and its legendary opera, a journey through Austria should be one that is charming, filled with history, and effortlessly luxurious. MCLTG will work with you to make your luxury Austrian vacation one to remember.

Your Luxury Austria Travels Made Easy

You can choose any Austrian destination for any number of days and, no matter how big your luxury vacation dreams are, we can make them a reality. Use the pre-prepared luxury Austrian vacations below as a guide.

Cafe Central Vienna

Discover Austria

Austria is the former cradle of the Austro-Hungarian empire and is completely unique in its combination of architecture, monuments, palaces, cuisine, and natural alpine beauty. This is a land steeped in history and its culture will be proudly shared with you on your luxury MCLTG tour of Austria.

History abounds in Vienna. With its famed opera and cobblestoned old city, it is a living monument to the glorious epochs of central Europe. But, not to be forgotten is Salzburg, which is not only the setting for the Sound Of Music, but also the birthplace of  Mozart.

Beyond the history and culture, one finds the Tyrolean Alps in the west of the country, running all the way to the border of Switzerland, with a unique and often imitated alpine culture found in the valleys that wind between the towering, jagged peaks.

Let’s plan a luxury Austria holiday together

MC Luxury Travel Group is expert at providing the best high-end experiences across Austria. Whether it’s the opera and fine dining in Vienna, a castle near Mozart’s Salzburg, or a chalet in the Alps, MCLTG will take care of everything to provide the perfect luxury getaway for you, your family, or your group.

Vienna Opera

Discover Austria

No matter when you want to travel, for how long, or which experiences you want to have, MCLTG will ensure that your luxury trip to Austria exceeds your expectations. You’ll be impressed with any of our three tiers of service including Gold, Platinum, and Titanium bespoke luxury tours.

Luxury Austrian holidays tailor-made

Its position as one of Europe’s centers of power, art, and commerce means that there is no shortage of luxury tourism options in Austria. Whether you want to explore the culture in big cities like Vienna and Salzburg, the nature of the Alps, or the relaxed pace of the Danube River you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.

When you let MCTLG make your Austrian luxury escape dreams a reality, we will ensure you only eat in the finest restaurants, are served by the best caterers, have the butler or housekeeping services that you need, and are always guided by the most professional and experienced local tour guides.

Your Austrian luxury holiday begins here!

We are ready to help you create the luxury Austrian vacation of your dreams. Simply fill out the form and a regional expert will contact you to help develop your experience and make all your desires a reality.

St Anton am Arlberg (Tyrol)

Where to Go

While comparatively small in size, there’s no shortage of natural and manmade wonders to enjoy in Austria on an MCLTG luxury holiday. Here are some of the places you can visit in Austria:

Bad Gastein

Step back in time in Bad Gastein, with its classical epoch hotels and lodges, as well as luxurious spas and world-class skiing.


This gorgeous lake is the perfect summer getaway with multitudes of options for watersports or simply relaxing.


Graz is Austria’s second city and a treasure trove of baroque and renaissance architecture, centered around the beautifully preserved medieval town square.

St Anton am Arlberg

This is the birthplace of alpine skiing and the perfect place to enjoy the mountains while residing in luxury hotels and chalets.


This region, alongside the Danube River, is the heart of Austrian winemaking, producing world-class white wine varieties.

Zell am See

This is a family-friendly location that offers plenty of outdoor activities, whether in summer along the lake or in winter among the peaks.


This is one of the adventure sport capitals of the world, the gateway of the Tyrol, and is the perfect place from which to launch skiing or mountaineering in summer.


Remote wilderness is the main draw of Salzkammergut, a region of craggy mountain peaks, rolling hills, forests, lakes, and caves.


More than just Mozart, Salzburg is a city dripping in old-world charm, with the Salzach River running right through it.


Austria’s capital, features stunning cobblestones streets, palaces, and monuments to Austria’s vast and glorious history, and some of the best cuisine you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting.



The best time to visit Austria is during the spring or fall, in the shoulder seasons. Between April and June, or September and November, the weather is mild and the crowds are fewer in the cities.

If you want to visit Austria for outdoor activities, the summer months from June until August offer spectacular weather, with clear skies and warmer temperatures. However, you will be sharing the space with a lot of fellow vacationers.

Obviously, for skiing you will want to visit Austria in the winter months, with the alpine sports season lasting from mid-December until March.

Before you Go

Visa and passport requirements

As a member of the European Union and a part of the Schengen visa-free zone, travelers from many non-EU countries can visit Austria visa-free for a period of up to 90 days out of every 180.

Health issues

There are no specific health requirements or concerns in Austria. A regular level of precaution is advised.


Austria is one of the safest countries in the world, with no major safety concerns to mention. Petty crime can be a problem in the big cities, but less so than elsewhere in Europe. Regular precaution is advised such as not traveling with large amounts of cash and having back-up plans in the case that you are pickpocketed.

There is a danger inherent in many outdoor pursuits, in particular, skiing, mountaineering, and other alpine sports. Make sure that unless you are of expert-level experience that you always explore marked trails and use a local guide when advised. When adventuring alone, ensure somebody always knows your plans and can raise the alarm in your absence.

All MCLTG luxury tours in Austria are covered by comprehensive travel insurance.

Other Recommendations

Customs and etiquette: etiquette historically played a huge part in Austrian life, especially when the country was a focal point for various empires. These days the customs have somewhat relaxed and while you may see older men in the cities kissing the back of a woman’s hand, that is most certainly not expected, or appreciated, from visitors. A simple handshake greeting after introducing oneself will suffice.  

The local language is generally German, and women may be regarded as frau, while herr is a formal way to address a man. Grüß Gott is a formal way to greet people in the Austrian dialect, and bitte, please, and danke, are well appreciated by travelers who do not speak German.

Mealtime: Austrians generally take a light breakfast between 8-10 am, followed by a larger lunch between midday and 2 pm, and dinner around 6-8 pm.

In Austria, you will have the good fortune of trying many local dishes, such as a variety of schnitzels, goulashes, dumplings, and wiener sausages to snack on. Fun-fact: wiener actually refers to the fact that the style of sausage comes from Vienna. 

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