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Author: Mina Cevallos

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santorini sunset

Best Places to Enjoy the Sunset in Santorini

Santorini, 120 miles from the Greek mainland, is part of the southernmost point of a group of islands known as the Cyclades. Unmatched in its unique beauty by other islands in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a well-known location to catch an unadulterated sunset. The spectacular dusk views Santorini has to offer are sure to…
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cinque terre beaches

Find the Best Cinque Terre Beaches to Fall in Love With

Captivating, picturesque, alluring, and dazzling are just some words one could use to try and summarize the natural beauty among the Cinque Terre beaches in Italy, a region as beautiful as Amalfi Coast. The name meaning “Five Lands” which refers to the number of villages found in the region. With a much larger population of…
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things to do in amalfi coast

10 Things to Do in Amalfi Coast, Italy

The classic Mediterranean landscape of the Amalfi coast is enough to leave even the most scrutinizing traveler in sheer aw. A beautiful and penetratingly seductive coastline adorning the south of Italy, where the mountains and its people run into the very edges of the shoreline of the Tyrrhenian Sea. A region as popular as Cinque…
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whale watching iceland

Whale Watching in Iceland: Know the Best Places to Go!

Iceland has slowly been growing in reputation as one of Europe’s leading destinations for whale watching. As good a reason to visit this bucolic destination as for the Northern Lights or its famous hot springs. From catching a glimpse of the smaller Harbour Porpoise or White-Beaked Dolphin from the nearby shore to traversing the deep…
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secret lagoon iceland

Discover the Secret Lagoon in Iceland!

A large man-made geothermal pool located within the golden circle consisting of multiple hot springs spread out among a mist of rising fog forming out of the bucolic Icelandic landscape, enticing you to experience a natural kind of luxury rarely found anywhere else on earth. This is the secret pool. Next to the otherworldly scene…
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bale croatia

Bale in Croatia: Istria’s Best-Kept Secret

Bale, situated in Croatia, is one of the few remaining destinations known within the circle of Croatia Tourism that has remained relatively unknown until recently. With a rich and deeply rooted Adriatic culture, Bale has been slowly making a name for itself as a premier destination for visitors. From music and cultural festivals to world-class…
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brijuni national park

Brijuni National Park: A Paradise Among the Adriatic Islands

The Brijuni National Park in Croatia is one of eight total national parks you can visit while exploring one of the most scenic and naturally undisturbed destinations nestled among the islands of the Adriatic Sea. As you begin to converge upon the two main islands, Valiki and Mali, you will notice an accompaniment of 12…
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