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Luxury Holidays In Bali

Luxury Tours in Bali

Bali is truly the island of the gods. A surfers’ paradise nestled in the midst of bustling Indonesia; respite from the wonderfully hectic maelstrom that is the rest of the archipelago. Bali is a predominantly Hindu island, and is alive with tradition and ceremony and a particular magic thanks to its perpetually kind, generous and cheerful inhabitants. Forged from the giant volcanoes that form the island’s center, there is no limit to luxurious and engrossing travel experiences on Bali, and when you are guided by MC Luxury Travel Group you will experience both the island’s obvious, and hidden charms.

Planning your luxury Bali vacations is easy

Our Bali travel experts are waiting to help you create your dream luxury Balinese vacation. The small island packs a punch when it comes to opportunities to explore, unwind and grow, with beachside resorts and mountain retreats competing with unique cuisine and engrossing culture, as well as amazing shopping. Whatever your desires, MCLTG will help you sculpt the perfect Balinese getaway with our three tiers of service, offering Gold, Platinum and Titanium levels of luxury.

Gates to one of the Hindu temples

Discover Bali

Bali’s magic is one that bites and never lets go, and much of its appeal is found in the island’s mystery. There’s so much to see and do on any luxury Balinese tour, including doing nothing at all. Whatever your timeframe, accommodation needs, group size or desired experience, simply fill out the form on this website and a local travel advisor will be in touch to make your dream break a reality.

Luxury Balinese holidays tailor-made

Ever since its “discovery” by traveling surfers in the 70s, Bali has enticed and excited travelers and seekers of luxury. The locals’ smiles are infectious, their cuisine exciting and engaging, and the island’s natural charms are perfectly complemented by the luxurious resorts and boutique retreats that exist to ensure that any stay on the island is perfectly comfortable.

From beachcombing along paradisiacal beaches on every coast, to diving on the island’s many reefs, hiking the interior’s volcanic peaks, or flirting with monkeys in the vast forests, any trip to Bali will find travelers mired in amazing natural experiences.

MCLTG will work with you to ensure that your Balinese luxury holiday desires are met, and that you find yourself in experiences that you hadn’t yet considered. All will be done according to the level of service and luxury that you find necessary for your break.

In addition to natural beauty and the magic of the Balinese, travelers will find a myriad of high-end accommodation options, world-class cuisine, both in local and international style, and a level of service that is hard to replicate in other locations.

This is the perfect place for you to unwind and be pampered, whether it’s gastronomically, in the opulence of your lodgings, or in any manner of health and wellness treatments.

Where to stay with us

From boutique cliff-side hotels, luxury resorts, the world’s greatest luxury accommodation chains, and enriching retreats, any stay in Bali will fulfill your accommodation needs and excite you with the level of luxury effortlessly on offer.

Water Palace Soekasada Taman Ujung Ruins

Where to go

Manifold luxury Balinese experiences are available to travelers within a short distance from Denpasar/Nagpuri Rai International Airport. From the beaches to the mountains and everywhere in between, there is no limit to luxury when traveling to this country.


This Kuta-Legian-Sminyak stretch, running north from the airport, is ground zero for tourism in Bali. While the strip can be excessive, there are high-end, beachfront dining and accommodation options to be found within striking distance of world-class shopping districts.

Nusa Dua

The east coast’s Nusa Dua is where one finds the island’s best luxury beachfront resorts, spoiled by calm coral lagoons, white sand, and limitless scope for relaxation.

The Bukit Peninsula

This Peninsula rises up in the south of the island and is where the world’s surfers play in the ocean. Cliffside villas are the norm here, with an aspect over the vast expanse of sea, punctuated daily by spectacular sunsets over the ocean.


Travelers and seekers flock to Ubud for its yoga retreats, focus on wellness and relaxed, slow paced approach to life. All who visit leave refreshed and enlightened.


Candidasa in Bali’s east, is the perfect place to escape the crowds and spend time snorkeling the outer reefs in warm, clear waters while turtles and tropical fish dart amongst the coral.

Mount Agung

This often active volcano makes for an epic early-morning hiking adventure when seismic conditions allow. Set off early to catch a breathtaking sunrise from the summit.

Nusa Lembongan

The small island of Nusa Lembongan is a short speedboat ride from Bali, but a million miles away. Enjoy its uncrowded island roads on a hired scooter, and take the opportunity to visit the wild beauty of neighbouring Nusa Penida.


Here is where the hip, young and beautiful play, with a cafe culture to rival any European city, hordes of gorgeous sun worshippers, and plenty of bars and restaurants offering fantastic food, drinks and service.

Tanah Lot – Temple


The weather in Bali is tropical, with two distinct seasons: wet and dry. The wet season runs from September-October until May or so, and isn’t defined by constant rain, more so monsoonal storms that arrive thunderously, dislodge a lot of water, and disappear as swiftly as they arrive. The dry season sees clear skies and regular east trade winds, as well as optimal surfing conditions.

Best time for sightseeing in Bali

To avoid the crowds it’s best to work around the Australian holiday seasons, mostly around Christmas, Easter and the yearly gathering of graduates known as “schoolies” which happens in October. Despite its name, the wet season is perfectly agreeable to travel in Bali, and with the exception of some rare washouts, allows for northern hemisphere luxury traveler to have a much-needed winter escape.

Pura Taman Saraswati Temple. Ubud – Bali.

Before you go

Visa and passport requirements

Travelers from over 160 countries now enjoy visa-free travel to Indonesia for periods of up to 30 days.

Health issues

Despite being the most stable and developed part of Indonesia, Bali is still a part of a developing nation and does present certain health issues.

While in your high-end accommodation you will be insulated from most threats, Bali does have certain health issues that need to be taken into account.

There is a very low risk of contracting malaria but dengue fever is a very real threat on the island and precautions should be taken to avoid the ever present mosquitoes.

There is also an issue with rabies amongst the island’s feral dog population, and while vaccination isn’t recommended, if you stay away from animals and immediately address any interactions you will be safe.

Safety in Bali

The country is mostly safe, with much of the problems experienced in the Indonesian archipelago and across the developing world insulated by the Balinese people themselves. That said, there is a certain level of instability that even Bali isn’t protected from, with the occasional political rallies confined mostly to the capital Denpasar (a place you will never have any reason to visit).

There is a threat of terrorism across Indonesia, and any alerts from your government should be heeded. The volcanoes sporadically erupt and disrupt certain flights leaving Bali.

Tropical weather can sometimes inundate the country, and the sea in particular can be rough, so obey any instructions from lifeguards at the beach. There is petty crime in the streets, so take care of your belongings when exploring without your guides. MCLTG offers comprehensive travel insurance with all our luxury Balinese trips.

Other recommendations

Customs and etiquette: as a predominantly Hindu nation, Balinese people do not eat beef, although it is widely available in high-end restaurants frequented by foreigners.

Similarly, as a predominantly Islamic nation, pork products may not be available in all locations. There are various customs that must be followed when visiting religious sites, so it’s best to confer with your guide before entering.

Certain things, like gesturing with your left hand, or pointing, may be considered offensive with Balinese people unaccustomed to foreigners. Be wary of the small offerings of food left around the island, and be careful not to accidentally step on them.

Balinese meal times: being a tourist haven, there are all culinary options available to travelers at all times. Whichever cuisine you desire from around the world can be presented to you promptly, and at a very high quality.

Of course, no trip to Bali is complete without sampling the local cuisine, based around rice and noodles, seafood, and a raft of incredible tropical spices and flavor combinations. Nasi goreng, gado gado, and nasi campur are all dishes that every local and visitor alike enjoys regularly.

There are also incredible high end restaurants specializing in every food type that will provide you with world-class food and service throughout your luxury Balinese adventure.

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