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Brijuni National Park: A Paradise Among the Adriatic Islands

Brijuni National Park: A Paradise Among the Adriatic Islands

brijuni national park

The Brijuni National Park in Croatia is one of eight total national parks you can visit while exploring one of the most scenic and naturally undisturbed destinations nestled among the islands of the Adriatic Sea.

As you begin to converge upon the two main islands, Valiki and Mali, you will notice an accompaniment of 12 smaller surrounding islets completing the archipelago composition. At this point, feel free to rest your eyes upon a kaleidoscopic landscape of untouched nature. All coming to focus in an abstract harmony of rugged Brijuni beaches, sweeping meadows, and tall pines.

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Where is Brijuni National Park?

The National Park of Bijurni is a 14 island archipelago, consisting of two large islands named Valiki and Mali. The island of Valiki is the largest of the islands in Brijuni, located in Croatia, with a total of almost 1,700 acres of natural territory to explore.

The 14 island archipelago is located just north of the mainland Croatian city of Pula.

Here is a little bit of history for you

The Brijuni National Park was claimed a national park in the year of 1983. It was long a part of the Roman Empire well before 1983, though, as with most of the islands within the Adriatic Sea.

In fact, there are still remains of Ancient Roman Villas to be seen during your visit, believed to be vacation destinations for the wealthy Roman elite at the time. It appears that many visitors might share a common interest still.

If the natural beauty alone doesn’t entertain and enrapture, and you ache to discover more about the history of this ancient archipelago still, make your way over to the Tito Museum Brijuni.

How to get to Brijuni National Park

You can reach the Brijuni islands of from Pula, while aboard the Pula Brijuni Ferry, which will take you across the Fazana Channel, which leads you just north of the city of Pula.

The two islands of Valiki and Mali also have a regular shuttle service during the day, by boat, allowing you the freedom to explore on your own, or with your chosen company.

If you’d prefer another option, you can also choose to be a part of a larger guided boat journey of the islands as well.


What’s the best way to see the Brijuni Islands?

The Brijuni park allows you to be as free as possible, within reason, when exploring what you want to see, and how you go about doing it. From the ability to safely view the wildlife of the islands through the Brijuni Safari Park, to the boat trip Brijuni Islands service.

Maybe you prefer to walk or bike on your own through the numerous pathways winding around scenes of green flora and fauna touching white rock and blue Brijuni Islands beaches.

Feeling more like an underwater adventure across the Brijuni archipelago instead? Why not explore a guided tour of the submarine world or simply dawn a snorkeling mask and a pair of fins and witness life below the sea yourself?

Where are the best beaches in Brijuni?

A better question to ask may be, “Where is there not the best beach in Brijuni?”

A Brijuni riviera beach captures the picturesque environment one would imagine from an island in the Adriatic Sea, and the entire archipelago is surrounded by them.

Be sure to ask which beaches are open or made available to visitors while you are there. Before you pay your first visit to a Brijuni beach, you may want to set your feet down at the famous mainland pebble beach of Fazana.

For a truly unique time, you can book one of the many luxury Brijuni Croatia hotels and enjoy a sunset Brijuni beach experience much like the Ancient Romans before you did. This deep connection with timeless natural beauty will often leave you with an unforgettable memory. The hotel accommodations of Brijuni often overlook some of the best beaches known to the islands.

What else is there to do in such a beautiful place?

If you have managed to learn everything about the history of the islands from Brijuni Tito Museum and Brijuni Park Narodowy, then it may be time to start visiting that incredible history first hand.

You may already know that the island is world renowned for its olive growing capabilities, and home to one of the oldest olive tree’s among the Mediterranean cultures, not to mention the recorded fossil history of ancient dinosaur life you are able to view firsthand.

Ancient dinosaur footprints

Another breathtaking and oftentimes humbling experience is visiting the four separate geo-paleontological sites containing over 200 dinosaur footprints, with some of the oldest dating back to 130 million years ago.

These sites are located on the islands of Veliki, Vanga, Galija, and Vrsar.

Renown olive trees

Though you won’t find olive oil manufacturing within the national park, the trees themselves are a unique sight to see, and one that you should not miss.

In fact, the national park holds one of the oldest olive trees in the region dating back almost 1,600 years ago.

A walk through the ruins

If the history of the island hasn’t left you exhausted yet, get ready to discover the ruins that Brujini Island hides. From the St. Mary’s Church to Hill Fort, you can walk across different eras.

But the most expectacular is the Kastrum with no doubt, a Roman villa that was used for the production of oil and wine.

Choose your mode of transportation, and let your curiosity guide you.

The Brijuni Island Archipelago of the Adriatic Sea is just one of the many unique locations that MC Luxury can help for accommodations throughout your stay in Croatia. From the sea to the mountains, MC Luxury’s Istria, Croatia experience may be exactly what you are looking for.

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