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Best Places to Enjoy the Sunset in Santorini

Best Places to Enjoy the Sunset in Santorini

santorini sunset

Santorini, 120 miles from the Greek mainland, is part of the southernmost point of a group of islands known as the Cyclades.

Unmatched in its unique beauty by other islands in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a well-known location to catch an unadulterated sunset.

The spectacular dusk views Santorini has to offer are sure to help you slip into a more relaxed frame of mind.

Do you want to enjoy a Santori sunset from a perfect position? In this MC Luxury Travel Group guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know. Keep reading!

What time is the sunset in Santorini?

The sunset timing in Santorini is just after 5:00 pm in the winter season.

During the late spring and peak of summer, the daylight continues to shine until almost 9:00 pm.

To find the average time of sunset during your Santorini visit, check out the summary below:

Spring7:45 pm
Summer8:30 pm
Fall 7:00 pm
Winter 5:15 pm

Whichever location you choose to watch this daily spectacle, make sure you plan ahead according to the Santorini sunset time.

Doing so will ensure that you have the best location possible if sharing this event with others from a popular viewpoint.

Do you want a more private affair with the setting sun? Just tell an MCLTG advisor your preferences and someone from the team will match you with the most suitable location on the island.

Where can you watch a Santorini sunset?

The island of Santorini offers up spectacular points of view for an unforgettable sunset.

Below, you’ll find some of the best locations to watch the sunset on the Santorini island.

You should take your own preferences into account when choosing a location. Are you after a shared or private experience? Or, perhaps, are you looking for a location that provides a picturesque backdrop for a large event such as a wedding? 

From Oia

A sunset in Oia, also known as Ia, is one of the most popular sights among both locals and visitors to this magical island.

However, finding a spot to appreciate the sunset in this small village can be complicated, given that it is so beloved.

If you want to truly appreciate a Santorini sunset from Oia, traveling with MC Luxury Travel Group will guarantee you find the right place to experience this moment of peace and relaxation.

From the Hillside Behind Oia

For those willing to take the hand of adventure to a less populated and sparsely settled part of Oia, then travel along a dirt path to the hillside of Oia.

From there, you can grab the perfect Santorini sunset pictures to share with friends and family.

This semi-rugged terrain offers the perfect location for a romantic picnic in relative seclusion, surrounded by nothing but the landscape and the horizon.

Sounds pretty nice, don’t you think?

From the Akrotiri Lighthouse

oia santorini hotels with sunset view

Another well-known, but less popular location for those wishing to embrace the uncrowded, natural, and remote sunset ocean views that Santorini has to offer.

The Akrotiri Lighthouse has many unique vantage points to catch your eye, or your camera lens.

Journeying to the Akrotiri Lighthouse will give you the opportunity to spend a short while basking in the natural, untamed beauty of the surrounding land.

Discover Exclusive, Less Crowded Sites to Enjoy the Sunset

Do you want to enjoy a more intimate experience during your trip to Santorini?

Then take these next locations and list them carefully in your travel plan to ensure you get everything you could possibly want out of your Greek island get-away.

On a Sunset Cruise

santorini sunset pictures

Watching the sun setting over an uninterrupted blue ocean horizon in the middle of the Aegean Sea is a once in a lifetime experience.

So why not have it aboard a luxury cruise liner nestled in direct view of this natural phenomena?

If you feel brave enough to take to the sea, MC Luxury Travel Group will assist you in your search for an affordable luxury cruise experience that combines creature comforts with a breathtaking Santorini sunset view.

Luxury Hotels and Villas

santorini sunset weddings

Get a taste of secluded luxury in a one of a kind, five-star hotel or villa in Santorini to enjoy the sunset hour.

The pleasures of luxury travel are many and this is your chance to call the shots on every aspect of your Santorini travel experience. 

Why waste time navigating busy crowds of tourists at the popular sunset hot spots when you could be sipping a refreshing cocktail from the comfort of your own hotel room and enjoying the exact same sunset perspective? 

A Rooftop Bar in Fira

Would a magic sunset pool bar be a location you would consider making a part of your itinerary in Santorini?

We’d be surprised if your answer isn’t “yes”.

Maybe you would prefer taking yourself to the pool with a stop at the rooftop bar in Fira first. Fira’s numerous bars offer an introduction to the luxury that awaits you during your sunset adventure.

Choose from a number of cocktail bars and restaurants serving up local Greek food, wine, and the Greek spirit of choice, Ouzo.

The Santo Winery

magic sunset pool bar santorini

An absolute stellar location for both the thirsty traveler and the wine enthusiast alike.

Enjoy the taste of Santorini’s distinct local wine varieties along with other handpicked selections from the region, perfectly coupled with portions of cheese, olives, and bread from the local deli shop.

Both new and vintage selections of crisp and refreshing white wines, complex and charming reds or a unique desert are all just a request away.

Franco’s Cafe in Pyrgos

santorini sunset swell bottle

A unique cafe accompanying a more refined taste. Franco’s Cafe in Pyrgos offers an unrivaled location for a sunset view over Santorini.

This area tends to become more heavily populated around the sunset hour, and it is advisable to arrive at least one hour early to ensure that you have seating suitable for the best experience possible.

This location should not be confused with Franco’s Bar, located in Fira.

Did you already find your perfect spot?

Remember, ourdedicated team of expert travel planners is here to help you find the ideal location to view a Santorini sunset, whether you want to plan a public place or an intimate hideaway.

Pack your suitcase and let MCLTG be your guide.

Keep discovering Greece with us!


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