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Cambodia Luxury Tours

A mysterious and magical kingdom, Cambodia is where luxury travelers find raw nature concealing ancient temples and idyllic coastal towns with modern infrastructures. This is a land of deep history, a proud culture that can be enjoyed while discovering thick forests, perfect white-sand beaches, abundant nature, and wild elephants. Many travelers arrive to enjoy the Angkor Wat temples, and while they are spectacular, they only begin to tell the story of wonderful, mysterious Cambodia. By booking a luxury tour of Cambodia with MC Luxury Travel Group you will find yourself exploring the best the kingdom has to offer off of the regular tourist trail and immersed in absolute opulence.

Planning Your Luxury Cambodia Holiday Is Easy

MCLTG will pair your luxury Cambodian holiday needs with a travel expert specializing in the area. We work with you to grow your dreams, and can facilitate any type of journey, no matter the time frame you have to travel, or the group size you’ll be traveling with. Whatever you desire, you will find it with our three tiers of service, offering silver, gold and platinum packages.

Ta Prohm Temple ruins

Discover Cambodia

Look out for the ruins of the ancient Khmer civilization as you traipse across Cambodia, and you’ll experience mangrove forests riddled with artifacts, bustling cities, and pristine, natural beaches.

Cambodia’s main draw is Angkor Wat, and rightfully so, with the vast temple complex sitting comfortably amongst the world’s greatest monuments, past or present. But beyond Siem Reap the capital, Phenom Phen, is a bustling southeast Asia metropolis.

Additionally, the coastal towns of Sihanoukville and Kek offer travelers on luxury Cambodian tours opportunities for total relaxation and pampering by the Gulf of Thailand.

While traveling Cambodia with us you will be spoiled with luxury accommodation and experience unique activities thanks to MCLTG’s expertise and immaculate planning.

Not only that, we make sure to offer you services that make you feel like a cherished family member.

Where to stay with us

When traveling throughout Cambodia with MCLTG you will sleep in luxurious, high-end hotel chains, absolutely gorgeous beachfront resorts, boutique hotels, and rural retreats nestled in the wilderness. There is no limit to the luxury of your accommodation in Cambodia.

Golden Independence monument

Where to Go

If you wonder what to do in the country or where to go, we have the know-how to advise you. We help you to create your own itinerary. From temples to cities, the sea to the forest, your luxury Cambodian tour will have it all.

Angkor Wat

Visiting Angkor Wat, the temples near the city of Siem Reap, is an integral part of any Cambodian luxury adventure. aking in the sunset over the famous temples is an experience that you won’t forget for the rest of your life.

Phnom Penh

The capital, Phnom Penh, is an exciting and bustling Southeast Asian city, offering the finest in Cambodian cuisine, the highest-end hotels, and an immaculate inside to Khmer culture.  

Mekong River

Take a life-changing luxury cruise along the Mekong River, Asia’s most important waterway and one of the world’s greatest natural spaces.


Another spectacular river trip begins in charming and colonial Battambang, where the French influence can still be found. A scenic boat trip can be taken from here to Siem Reap.

Cardamom Mountains

The Cardamom Mountains make up the largest rainforest in southeast Asia and are home to many different ethnic groups. This wild and untouched region is the perfect place to unwind around nature.


Laid-back Sihanoukville offers world-class beachcombing opportunities along its long, white beaches and turquoise Gulf of Thailand seas.   


Founded as a French colonial seaside resort, sleepy Kep boasts immaculate beaches and the region’s famous blue crab, which must be indulged in when in the region.

Angkor Wat


If you want to know when to go to Cambodia, you should consider the weather. Cambodia’s tropical climate means that temperatures rarely dip below 20 degrees. However, there are three distinct seasons: hot, cool, and wet.

The cool season runs from December to February, coinciding with the Northern Hemisphere winter, and is when Cambodia experiences the most agreeable conditions for travelers, with temperatures between 21 and 30 degrees generally.

The hot season runs from March until June and is when many ex-pats flee the country to avoid the oppressive heat that can often reach 40 degrees. While very hot, this is a good season to visit beach resorts and enjoy the pool.

The rainy, or monsoon season runs from June until November, and the heavy showers are seen as a respite from the heat. The rain falls in reasonably regular bursts, with storms arriving in the afternoon and lasting for around an hour, often accompanied by strong winds.

During the rainy season, it may rain up to 20 days a month, but this sporadic rainfall does see many tourists stay away, and can be a great time to see the country without crowds.

Samdech Sangha Raja Jhotañano Chuon Nath Phnom Penh

Before you Go

Cambodia visa and passport requirements

Tourists can obtain a tourist visa at their local Cambodian embassy, or at the airport/border for stays of up to 30 days.

Health issues in Cambodia

Malaria is present in rural areas, and dengue fever in the cities. At all times, make sure you take precautions against mosquito bites. Rabies is present, so make sure any animal bites are treated immediately. There is a very low risk of Zika virus. Diarrhea is common amongst travelers but almost non-existent in high-end establishments.

Luxury travelers to Cambodia will have access to excellent medical services while on their vacation. All MC Luxury Travel Group tours come with comprehensive travel insurance.


The Cambodian civil war and genocide are long over, and the country has healed from the conflict. There are, however, still many unexploded landmines around the country, and it is not advised to go off walking tracks and roads, especially in areas with warning signs.

The country is still considered poor, and as such there are issues with gangs using child beggars and pickpockets and thieves. Avoiding unlit areas at night time and being aware of potential threats will see travelers have a problem-free stay.

Other Recommendations

Customs and etiquette: much like in neighboring Thailand, there are many customs that may not seem obvious to travelers, and while the Khmer people are understanding of foreigner’s limited knowledge of their customs, it doesn’t hurt to adhere to the rules.

Take your shoes off when entering people’s homes, as well as certain stores and restaurants. Don’t show public displays of affection, and don’t lose your calm in public.

Never touch people’s heads, don’t point, and don’t use your left hand when dealing with locals. It’s also best to not talk politics as the wounds of the civil war are healing but still raw for many Cambodians who lived through the worst of the conflict.

Mealtime:  Breakfast is eaten early, and always consists of rice, soup, noodles, and even curry, though western breakfasts are obviously available in all hotels.

Lunch is eaten around midday, and many Cambodians will grab something from street vendors, such as curries and stir fry, always with a perfect balance of spicy, salty, sour and sweet flavors.

Dinner is served between 6-7 pm generally and will consist of rice and noodles and several different dishes with beef, pork or chicken, topped with fermented vegetables. Some dishes that must be tried in Cambodia include Bai Sash Chrouk, or BBQ pork and rice, Lak Lok, a stir fry dish with marinated beef, and fish amok, a mousse-like fish dish served in a banana leaf.

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