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Charity Program

Traveling For A Positive Solidarity-Based Charity Effort

MC Luxury Travel Group is unwaveringly passionate about giving back to the communities we visit, and we pledged to donate 2% of every trip’s revenue to local charities and solidarity projects operating on the ground. Through our program, you can rest assured that your vacation will have a positive impact on your host community.

Solidarity Projects

Because we are dedicated to having a positive impact on the host communities of our travel destinations, we’re thrilled to provide 2% of our revenue to solidarity projects supporting local issues such as the promotion of women’s rights and environmental conservation and protection.

Traveler’s Project Selection

You, as the traveler, will be able to make a selection from three different solidarity projects outlined and highlighted on our webpage. You can assure that some of the revenue from your trip will benefit a cause about which you’re passionate.

Feedback on Progress

At the end of each year, we will donate the funds raised to each respective charity and publish an e-newsletter about the progress of the organizations. This way, you can directly see the positive results of your money on the community.

Our Charity Program

We are currently working on developing strong relationships with local communities to develop the best possible charity programs. You’ll have the choice to choose between environmental efforts, women’s empowerment, and the protection of animals.

Environmental Action

The need to create awareness surrounding environmental issues and preserve natural areas is more evident than ever. From the Great Barrier Reef to the precious ecological system in the Serengeti, many of the world’s astounding natural features are at risk. With our environmental protection program, you can ensure that the areas you visit will remain lush and beautiful for years to come.

Women Empowerment

Women have unique abilities to create massive change in their communities, and we strongly believe in empowering women to thrive. We are prepared to provide women with opportunities to gain the skills so they flourish in work environments, invest in new businesses, and receive a fulfilling and inspiring education so they can gain independence in their lives.

Animal Protection

It is our utmost belief that the proper treatment of all animals is a massive priority. We are excited to invest in initiatives that prevent the mistreatment and abuse of animals and work to end animal suffering. With your help, many animals will receive the care and respect that they truly deserve.

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