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Luxury Tours In China

Luxury Travel In China

China isn’t just another country to visit, but a world unto itself. China is where we find humanity’s oldest continuing civilization, a myriad of ethnicities and cultures, the world’s best food, unbridled luxury tourism options, and living history.

Alongside all of these experiences are futuristic metropolises and spectacular nature. While there is an almost limitless infrastructure for luxury holidays in the country, the otherness of the place can make it difficult for independent travel. Fortunately, MC Luxury Travel Group has China experts waiting to help make your getaway a reality.

Planning your Luxury China Holiday is Easy

No matter how long your desired stay is or which experiences you want to have, MCLTG will work with you in creating the perfect luxury Chinese tour. The sheer scope of China means that any trip there will benefit from the experience of our expert travel advisors. Whether you want to stay in the bustling cities or retreat to rural experiences alongside incomparable natural beauty, MCLTG will ensure that your trip meets your expectations. Our high standards are held according to our three levels of service, with Gold, Platinum and Titanium tiers of luxury.  

Great Wall of China

Discover China

There is more in China to see and do than you could experience in a lifetime of luxury trips, but whatever your timeframe and whether you are a large or a small group, MCLTG will pair you with a travel expert to help make your trip a reality. Your journey begins when you fill out the form on this website, and one of our experts contacts you to make your Chinese travel dreams a reality.

Luxury Chinese holidays tailor-made

China is the world’s most populated nation, and the third-largest in terms of size. With 56 different ethnic groups, there is no limit to the experiences available to you on your luxury Chinese vacation

The sprawling nation has always been incomparably influential on the world’s food, politics, trade, and technology. Visitors will find themselves exploring a previously unknown world.

From the big cities famous worldwide and metropolises of millions barely known outside of China to the vast isolated natural and rural areas, this country has so much for any luxury traveler.

Here is where high-speed trains and ancient teahouses live alongside each other, and no luxury trip to China would be complete without taking in all aspects of the country.

You will discover a level of luxury on your Chinese travels that you had previously only dreamed of. With MCLTG as your guide through all stages of the planning process, right up until your private tour is complete, you will find your expectations being constantly surpassed as our expertise delivers you to the best situations on offer.

Where to stay with us

Whether you’re in the city or the countryside, you will find an abundance of high-end accommodation options throughout your travels in China. You will be able to choose from the world’s high-end hotel chains to beautiful boutique options specializing in luxury and experiences.

Jiaxiu Pavilion on the Nanming River

Where to Go

A country this large and diverse holds a plethora of delights for the luxury traveler. Here are only some of the highlights you should consider when creating your dream Chinese getaway.


The capital city, Beijing, is filled with palaces, temples, and monuments. Do not miss the Forbidden City, and a day trip to the nearby Great Wall of China.


Huge and hectic Shanghai boasts the world’s longest metro and the second tallest building. Be sure to take a stroll along The Bund, Shanghai’s busy waterfront boulevard.

Hong Kong

Filled with skyscrapers and people, the small island of Hong Kong packs a mighty punch. Eat dim sum and explore Victoria’s Peak, rounding the day out with a cruise on a traditional Hong Kong junk boat.


The main attraction in Xian is the cities collection of terracotta warriors. While they are impressive and well worth your time, be sure to also take in the city’s museums, and try learning some Chinese calligraphy.


This is China’s panda capital and home to the rich and spicy Sichuan cuisine. Be sure to try the hot pot.

Zhangjiajie National Park

Thick forest and sandstone peaks make up Zhangjiajie national park, China’s first of its kind and one of the most spectacular natural areas you’ll find.

Mount Huangshan

Hot springs and pine trees complement the peaks of Mount Huangshan, China’s Yellow Mountain, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Limestone hills and the River Li are the main attractions of any trip to Guiling, one of China’s natural beauty gems.

Chi Lin Nunnery


Given the sheer size of China, one will find very diverse weather conditions. In the wintertime temperatures are bitterly cold in much of the country, while in the summer they can swelter. In the springtime, there are milder temperatures, although the south of the country will experience some rain.

Best time for sightseeing in China

Autumn is the best time to visit China, with the best combination of agreeable temperature and weather, plus fewer crowds than in summer. If you want to visit the mountainous areas, including the Tibetan Plateau, summer is the optimal time to visit.

Li River, Xingping.

Before you Go

Visa and passport requirements

Most travelers will have to apply for an L tourist visa that allows travel to most parts of China for up to 30 days. US and Canadian citizens can apply for a multiple-visit 10-year visa.

Health issues

Air pollution can be a major issue for travelers in China and tap water is generally not safe to drink.

Dengue fever is present in some parts of the country. Outbreaks of disease are treated quickly and efficiently in China, with a rapid quarantine system preventing spread.


There is a small amount of petty crime in China that targets tourists, though with harsh consequences from the authorities this isn’t as prevalent as it might be in other countries nearby.

Violent crime targeting tourists is almost nonexistent but, like always, do not leave drinks unattended and ride in unmarked taxis.

There are incidents of violence in both the Tibet Autonomous Region, and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, and precautions must be taken before traveling in those areas.

MC Luxury Travel Group includes comprehensive travel insurance on all luxury Chinese holidays.

Other Recommendations

Customs and etiquette in China: greet strangers with a handshake, but don’t make it too strong as that can be offensive. It is considered respectful to join in when your host makes a toast, and when eating from buffets taste all the dishes and leave some on your plate as a sign of respect.

Stay calm and be respectful at all times and ensure that your hosts don’t “lose face” as this is among the worst things that can happen to a Chinese person.

Mealtimes: breakfast is usually around 7 am, and consists of soya milk, rice noodles, porridge, and deep-fried dough sticks. Obviously, in your hotels, there will be other options available.

Lunch is taken between 12-2 pm and is often followed by an afternoon nap. A typical lunch might consist of noodles or rice and some meat and vegetables, depending on the cuisine of the area you are visiting.

Dinner is the main meal in China and usually eaten before 8 pm. Dinner is the main meal of the day, and it isn’t uncommon for there to be a variety of plates eaten. Also, expect Chinese people to remain at their table chatting and socializing for up to 30 minutes after eating.

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