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Bale in Croatia: Istria’s Best-Kept Secret

Bale in Croatia: Istria’s Best-Kept Secret

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Bale, situated in Croatia, is one of the few remaining destinations known within the circle of Croatia Tourism that has remained relatively unknown until recently.

With a rich and deeply rooted Adriatic culture, Bale has been slowly making a name for itself as a premier destination for visitors.

From music and cultural festivals to world-class food and drink, and transportation and lodging ranging from the rural to the luxurious; you are free to choose exactly how you want to experience the diverse culture of Bale (Valle in Istro Romanian).

Are you ready to discover this croatian hidden gem? Stay with us in MC Luxury, we’re about to start!

Where is Bale, Croatia?

Bale (also known as Valle Istra) is located within the interior of the Istrian Peninsula, on the 45th parallel where you can easily find yourself in the coastal towns of Rovinj or Pula if you desire.

From one of these incredible coastal towns, you can then make your way to the islands of Brijuni, an archipelago of 14 islands secured as a national park back in the year 1983.

What to do in Bale

The possibilities presented to you as a visitor in Bale are numerous.

Depending on what your definition of fun and relaxation is, you will more than likely find an accompanying activity or pastime on the peninsula.

For the active lifestyle enthusiasts, you can cycle through Istria, snorkel, and dive along the coastal towns, free climb, play beach volleyball, or even enjoy horseback riding through both the coastal towns and countryside.

If a leisurely pace is more your style you can visit the several beaches scattered along the coastline of the peninsula, relax over a game of bocce, or take a bird watching or fishing tour.

The architecture that dots the land of the peninsula, both ancient and new can not be ignored. A visit to a local Bale Church should be on everyone’s itinerary when in Croatia.

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The best beaches near Bale

The best beach near Bale, Croatia, are scattered throughout all three sides of the peninsula.

Almost all of them will provide you with both spaces to soak up the rays of the sun, and natural vegetation to find a spot to cool off.

Both San Polo beach and Colone beach are 4 to 5 kilometers long with views of the nearby islands. If you are of the more adventurous and exploratory type, you can easily find a more private and secluded setting among the large rocky coves of the beaches.

Other beaches to consider are Greco, Dandoli, and Bacvice beach.

Eating and drinking while staying in Bale, Istria

So much history can be learned from sharing an authentic culinary experience within the country you are visiting. Especially when it comes to the native Bale olive oil. You will be hard-pressed to find a restaurant in this place of Croatia not serving the peninsulas number one commodity.

So, what are you in the mood for? You will more than likely find just what you are looking for on the peninsula of Croatia.

From restaurants and bars, to olive oil mills, wineries, and special breakfast locations, you are certainly not limited in your options to discover this rich culture cuisine.

For starters, you and yours can try the Tavern Kamene restaurant nestled in the cozy stone streets of Bale, offering fish, pasta, soups, vegetarian food, and meat. Not to mention the regular jazz that accompanies your gastronomic exploration.

If it’s the wine you are after, then you will find no shortage of world-famous wineries producing some of Croatia’s most famous wine varieties. The winery Matosevic, Winery San Tommaso, and Winery Meneghetti will help you onto a good start, but don’t stop there.

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Excursions from Bale

With an extensive amount of coastline to traverse in Croatia, one will have a long and adventurous journey if they plan on seeing the entirety of some of the most diverse countryside and coastal life both Croatia and the Adriatic Sea has to offer.

Novigrad to Bale has been one of the more popular excursions to look into while on your journey throughout Croatia.

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If that wasn’t already enough, a luxury yacht will take you out on the two islands in the Kvarner archipelago after breakfast on just your fourth day.

All of this followed by another three days dining at a Truffle restaurant, paying a visit to the town called the Pearl of the Adriatic, and then off to Cape Kamenjak before your departure after breakfast on the eighth day.

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