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Luxury Tours In France

France has long been a byword for all things classic and refined. A luxury tour of France will take in all the country’s charms, from the world-class gastronomy and fine dining to museums and galleries brimming with arts and culture, and the high streets and boulevards of haute couture. The French ooze class, style, and sophistication in everything that they do. As such, there is a real reason why France is at the front of most people’s imaginations when they think of luxury stays.

Let’s Plan a Luxury France Holiday Together

Let the experience of MC Luxury Travel Group be your guide to the luxury French vacation of your dreams. From staying in chateaus in the wine regions of Bordeaux and Champagne to chalets in the Alps, we can create the perfect French getaway tailored to your needs. Not to mention, all of these tours are supported by one of our three tiers of service – silver, gold or platinum.

Chateau de Chambord – Loire Valley

Discover France

When it comes to luxury travel in France, MCLTG specializes in offering you bespoke luxury holiday solutions tailored to your needs and desires. Whatever your travel dates, the type of experience you seek, and the level of luxury, MCLTG takes care of everything to create the perfect French getaway for you.

Luxury French holidays tailor-made

The MC Luxury Travel Group is an expert at creating luxury French holidays for our clients to provide memories that last a lifetime.

France is the most visited country in the world for luxury tourism and as such, there is no shortage of high-end accommodation, dining and tour options for the luxury traveler in France, whether your needs are best served by our silver, gold or platinum level of service.

Whatever your desires, if you want to stay in boutique hotels in villages and throughout the countryside, or in some of the greatest and most opulent hotels in the big cities, the MCLTG team will make sure they apply their expertise to your travel needs.

In addition to finding the perfect accommodation for your luxury French holidays, MCLTG will also provide the most exclusive and luxurious travel and tour options for you in France. From private and personal catering, butlers and housekeeping, or the best tour guides in each region, your trip will be perfect.

Your France luxury holiday begins here!

MC Luxury Travel Group will provide you with the perfect luxury French vacation experience wherever you want to go, with whichever type of travel you want to do. Once you have decided on your dream French getaway, simply fill out the form and a member of the MCLTG team will contact you to help develop your ideas into the ideal high-end French break.

Where to stay with us

There is no shortage of accommodation options for your luxury tour of France. Beautiful maisons and chateaux dot the countryside and the cities and resort towns boast some of the best hotels and hotel chains in the business. Whether you’re staying in the Ritz, or a reformed monastery amongst the vineyards, your stay in France is only limited by your desires.

Mont Saint Michel

Where to Go

No matter where you find yourself within the French hexagon you will discover that not only are the stereotypes true but that there is so much more to discover that you never knew about.

The country is the biggest in Europe and is incredibly diverse, from the high Alps to the wild Basque coast, the Mediterranean, the Riviera, Provence, and the Flemish north. No matter where your luxury French getaway takes you, there are delights everywhere.


Paris is obviously the famous French capital and one of the world’s great cities. History, art, fashion, and food abound, an absolute must-see destination and an integral part of any luxury France holiday.

The French Riviera

The French Riviera, or the Côte d’Azur, runs from Marseille to the Italian border and is known for luxury vacations and the lifestyles of its rich and famous populations, with beautiful blue water and picture-perfect coves being the attractions we continue to return for.


Champagne is famous for its namesake and so much more. Here you’ll find rolling hills covered in vineyards, world heritage sites, and the famous Champagne maisons like Maison Veuve Clicquot and Maison Perrier-Jouet.

Brittany and Normandy

Brittany and Normandy are the sites of the D-Day landings, a land of wild seas and white cliffs. While oftentimes somber, the land is also filled with magnificent structures, like the Mont Saint-Michel, and gorgeous towns like Rouen.


Saint-Tropez is a fishing village that is now home to more luxury yachts than sardine boats. Saint Tropez is a true playground of the rich and famous, a seaside resort renowned for decadence and a truly luxurious destination.

Notre Dame


Best time for sightseeing in France

There’s never a bad time to visit France, but the more temperate and less crowded shoulder seasons of spring (April to June) or fall/autumn (September to November) present an ideal combination of milder weather and smaller crowds to help you make the most out of your luxury French holiday.

Summer is great, albeit busy, along the French Riviera, and if skiing is on your mind you cannot beat winter in the French Alps (it’s also an ideal time to tour Paris’ museums with fewer crowds).

Best time for French beaches

The water is only really warm enough for bathing in the summer months (July until early September) in the south of France, while along the beaches of the French-Atlantic coast you might find the bathing season even shorter still.

If you can avoid August along the French Riviera it is advised, as that is when Europe takes vacations, and many sun-starved northern Europeans flood the coast for three weeks at the height of summer.

Best time for wine tasting

While the wine in France is absolutely divine year-round, the best times for tasting are either during the busy, but agreeably temperate, harvest season in September and October, or earlier in the year in May and June with slightly smaller crowds.

Best time for shopping

The big sales in France are either at the height of winter, between mid-January and mid-February, or again in summer between late June and early August. Obviously France is a year-round shopping destination, but arriving during the sales can make it even more appealing.


Before you Go

French visa and passport requirements

France is a part of the Schengen Zone, meaning that many non-European nationals can travel in Europe, including France, visa-free for up to 90 days out of every 180. For longer stays, there is a range of visas available to apply for.

Health issues

There are no specific health requirements or concerns in France. A regular level of precaution is advised.

Safety in France

France is a very safe country, and most of the problems that you may have heard of can be easily avoided. Civil unrest, protests, and strikes are announced in advance and restricted to certain areas of big cities and can be avoided.

There have also been some terrorist attacks of note and an enhanced police presence in response. You can mitigate the danger by avoiding big crowds.

There are pickpockets active in big cities and tourist areas, so always be aware of your surroundings and be sure to separate your cards and not carry all your valuables with you at the same time.

Be sure, like always, to travel with comprehensive insurance, which is included when you create the perfect luxury French getaway with MCLTG.

Other Recommendations

Customs and etiquette: the stereotype of the arrogant Frenchman is largely unfounded, and likely only arises when there are language-barrier problems between travelers and locals, especially those who have had to work closely with “bad tourists”.

A little bit of francais goes a long way, even simply greeting French people with bonjour or bonsoir, later in the day, and addressing men as monsieur, and women as madame, or mademoiselle, depending on their age.

Manners and etiquette are very important for French people and the lack thereof is often a source of scorn towards foreigners.

In France, politeness is so important that French people will not even address others informally unless they’re sure that it won’t be offensive (sometimes by explicitly asking).

If you speak some French, it’s safest to always stick to the vous form of address and leave tu to close friends.

If you don’t speak French, never forget to accompany requests with s’il vous plait, and always say merci more often than you feel you need to.

Tips: there is no need to tip in France, as service is included in the bill, but if you feel like rewarding good service, it is always welcome.

French meals hours: breakfast is generally a light affair, often consisting of a croissant and coffee, while lunch can be a drawn-out, multiple course affair (with wine, of course) and usually takes place between midday and 2 pm.

Dinner is strictly between 7 pm and 9 pm, with a snack called le gouter taken between 4 pm and 6 pm.

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