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Luxury Tours In Germany

Germany Luxury Travel

Germany is where modern technology meets old European charm. Not just an economic powerhouse for which efficiency and technological prowess have become bywords, Germany is also a land of castles and monuments and living relics from many bygone eras. Any visitor to this European nation will enjoy the fruits of its financial position, the infrastructure, the supercar-friendly autobahn, and the safety that comes from being the richest nation in the region. There is no limit to German luxury holiday experiences, and MCLTG will make sure that you’re always expectations are constantly exceeded.

Planning Your Luxury Germany Holiday Is Easy

All you need to do is dream big. Your German luxury vacation will be limited only by your imagination. Once you have some ideas on what you want to see and do, simply fill out a form on this website. Then, one of our expert German vacation consultants will contact you to help you plan your trip, and then make it a reality. With MCLTG you will also have the option of three tiers of luxury, as we offer Gold, Platinum and Titanium levels of service on our high-end German tours.

Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria

Discover Germany

Germany is the most populated nation in Europe, and second only to Ukraine in geographic size. For a long time, it has been a major global player and continues to be a hub of industry and innovation.

Between the centers of commerce and behind the famous German punctuality, we discover a beautiful land of charming villages and iconic town squares, of vast fields devoted to farming, and exciting, edgy arts and culture scenes.

Modern Germany has a firm eye maintained on tradition, while supercars zoom by on the autobahn. Any luxury vacation to this country will take in the best of all worlds and high-end tourists will benefit from the German propensity to relentlessly strive for excellence.

With MCLTG’s expert travel advisors guiding you, creating a dream luxury getaway is easy. We will be with you throughout the planning process, and our in-trip care will ensure that your luxury vacation needs and desires are not only met, but continuously surpassed.

Where to stay with us

German cities are home to the highest-end hotels and luxury accommodation chains, while the villages alongside the forests, mountains, and lakes offer boutique options that are a real insight into traditional Germany.

Brandenburg Gate

Where to Go

From the cities to the villages and the marvelous fields and forests in between, there will be almost too much to see and do on your luxury German tour.


Bavaria’s Munich is where we find the famous Oktoberfest celebrations, as well as the headquarters for BMW and Bayern Munich football team. If beers, cars, and sports don’t interest you, nearby Neuschwanstein Castle is straight out a fairytale, literally Walt Disney’s inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle.


Berlin is where you will find the most monuments to Germany’s storied history, remnants of the Berlin Wall, and a thriving counterculture scene.


Heidelberg with its medieval bridge and castle is sure to impress. Its bustling main street is full of restaurants and bars. This is also home to Germany’s oldest university and has long been a center of learning.


Almost completely destroyed in World War 2, Dresden has been rebuilt to its former glory and is a city of spectacular art and architecture.


On the Rhine River, Cologne’s famous cathedral is historically the starting point for Europe’s pilgrimages, while the modern city is home to many festivals.

Rhine River

The Rhine River itself is where we find the famous Riesling wine, beautiful landscapes, and manifold medieval castles.


The north coast, Germany’s access to the world of sea trade, is where we find bustling and beautiful Hamburg, a hive of opulence sometimes referred to as the Venice of the north. Nearby Rugen Island is also wonderfully charming, especially in the summertime.



Germany crosses many latitudes and, as such, has a varied, continental climate. Winters are cold throughout with snow not uncommon across the country. Summers can be mild in the north and warm in the south, a good time to enjoy Germany’s thriving parks and lakes. Spring and autumn are ideal times to travel, with moderate weather and fewer tourists.

Best time for sightseeing in Germany

Autumn is the best time to visit Germany. It’s the same time as Munich’s famous Oktoberfest.

Bavarian Alps

Before you Go

Visa and passport requirements

Germany is a part of the Schengen Zone and offers travelers 90 days of visa-free travel.

Health issues

There are no particular health concerns for travelers in Germany. The health system there is among the world’s best, though expensive. All MC Luxury Travel Group tours come with comprehensive travel insurance.


Germany is an overwhelmingly safe country to visit. Be wary of the strength of local beers, in particular, those at Oktoberfest, as they may be stronger than what you are accustomed to. There is a slight threat of civil disobedience at times, and so big crowds should be avoided on Labor Day, or around football matches.

Other Recommendations

Customs and etiquette: Germans are very practical and direct people, and sometimes this may be construed as them being blunt. Table manners are important, and greeting new people with a handshake is the norm.

When making a toast, or “cheersing” with beers, it is important to look local people in the eyes. Do not ever compare German people or customs to those of the Nazi Party. It’s appreciated when travelers greet Germans with Guten Tag or thank them by saying Danke Schoen.

Mealtimes: German breakfasts consist of bread and pastries (Germans are very proud consumers of hearty bread), cheese, yogurt, and cold-cut meats: what we know as a continental breakfast.

Lunch is taken between midday and 2 pm and while traditionally eaten in the home, many workers in modern Germany opt for a sandwich or wurst, one of the many varieties of sausage available.

Abendbrot is a meal taken before dinner and consists of bread and sliced cheese/meat. Dinner is a hearty affair with big portions (perhaps to soak up the ever-present beer) of potatoes, dumplings, sauerkraut, schnitzel, and pork often all served. There is a fine-dining scene across Germany that you can encounter in the cities and eat meals to a very high standard.

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