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Discover the Secret Lagoon in Iceland!

Discover the Secret Lagoon in Iceland!

secret lagoon iceland

A large man-made geothermal pool located within the golden circle consisting of multiple hot springs spread out among a mist of rising fog forming out of the bucolic Icelandic landscape, enticing you to experience a natural kind of luxury rarely found anywhere else on earth.

This is the secret pool.

Next to the otherworldly scene of Northern Lights dancing across a starlit sky and the possibility of witnessing some of the world’s oldest mammals of the sea, Iceland’s natural beauty, and phenomena are open for all to view.

If you’re willing to discover what’s hidden in the Secret Lagoon stay in MC Luxury Travel Group as we start the journey.

What is the Secret Lagoon?

The Secret Lagoon is a geothermal hot spring.

There are multiple locations where one can enjoy these natural accommodations, a famous one called the Blue Lagoon is often frequented by visitors “in the know”, but The Secret Lagoon of Iceland has been specifically built to withstand frequent visitors while minimizing damage to the surrounding natural environment.

Expect a constant temperature of around 40 degrees centigrade, year-round.

You will find a unique opportunity to mingle with a diverse group of tourists and locals at the “Gamla Laugin”, otherwise called the “The Old Pool”.

It is, after all, one of Iceland’s oldest formal hot springs created during the year of 1891 and not much has changed since. As soon as the locals realized the multitude of health benefits that a “hot soak” provided, it immediately became a resource greatly cared for by the local population.

Your experience at the Secret Lagoon will be as healthy as it is immersive in local history and culture. An opportunity that should not be passed by.

Where is the Secret Lagoon and how do you get there?

Do you want to know in which part of Iceland is located the Secret Lagoon?

Its placed in a town called Fludir (Flúðir) which is approximately 60 miles from the capital city of Reykjavik.

With the nearby town of Selfloss situated along the way, continue traveling through the southern portion of Iceland, and you will soon discover that there is no shortage of interesting and exciting diversions to take on your luxury trip to this place.

Whether you prefer to be guided along your way to the Secret Lagoon or rent your own form of transportation, driving to Secret Lagoon in Iceland starts out as you head south out of the capital of Reykjavik, along route 1 to begin the journey.

As you make your way through geyser country, you will eventually descend upon Selfloss where you can choose to take route 35, leading you to route 359 which will bring you to the Secret Lagoon.

Or, drive forward through Selfloss until you reach a left turn on route 30, leading you through the winding countryside, finally ending at the Secret Lagoon.

Useful Information Before You Visit the Secret Lagoon

With every unique destination comes you a unique set of helpful and informative tips and suggestions to help make your experience as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Ahead are just some of the basic considerations for your visit to the Secret Lagoon of Fludir and what you can expect as far as tickets, prices, operating hours, and basic etiquette.

Secret Lagoon tickets can be purchased up to 50 minutes before closing time and during normal operating hours and can be buyed online.

The Secret Lagoon ticket prices are as follows:

Seniors and People with Disabilities: 2,200 ISK 17,60 USD 16 EUR
Adults 3,000 ISK 24 USD 21,80 EUR
Kids (14 & Younger)Free when accompanied

The duration of the ticket for the Secret Lagoon is up to 1 hour 30 minutes, but you have to choose your entry hour in advance.

The Secret Lagoon Iceland hours change seasonally. They are as follows:

Summer (From May 1st to September 30th)10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Winter (From October 1st to April 30th)11:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Additional items like swimsuit and towel rentals are also provided for the small cost of 700 ISK if you are in need of either one.

is blue lagoon the same as secret lagoon in iceland

Be Prepared With These Essentials for the Secret Lagoon

A Secret Lagoon Iceland Tour requires a small amount of preparedness in order to enjoy yourself and your company to the fullest. These tips are mainly here to assist you with the customs and traditions already in place when visiting a hot spring in Iceland.

The only real customary rule is that you must take a shower before entering the hot spring.

This custom is followed by everyone and it must be done fully nude, no exceptions. The many products we use to cleanse and moisturize our bodies, protecting them against the elements, can, in fact, cause harm to the hot springs ecosystem.

Its also nice to know that you are enjoying the water in the same way that everyone is.

Otherwise, simply stay hydrated during and before entering the hot spring as the water is quite warm and jewelry is not recommended to be worn in the pool. Especially silver jewelry.

Also, be warned that the depth of most hot springs are equal throughout the entire pool. Oftentimes hip or chest deep on adults.

The Most Terrific Places to Eat Nearby

The cuisine on offer within the facilities and surrounding areas of the hot springs is as unique as it is healthy and exciting.

To better give you an idea of the many choices that are available, look into the short-list ahead.

  • Kaffi-Sel: A wonderful vegan inspired restaurant.
  • Minilik Ethiopian Restaurant: Not your typical Icelandic fare, but certainly worth the try.
  • Frioheimar Tomato Farm: A tomato themed restaurant with tours of the facility. Careful with the tomato beer!
  • Sindri Bakery and Cafe: A laid back place to enjoy light fare and magnificent pastries.
  • Secret Fish Cabin: A fish and chips shop that is unmatched! (Find it near the Secret Lagoon).

Do not forget to ask about the many types of accommodations available on your next luxury stay in Iceland.

From luxury hotels and guesthouses to B&B’s and Farmstays, they are all within your reach when planning your trip.

secret lagoon vs blue lagoon iceland

Other Stimulating Sites to Attend To

If the Secret Lagoon natural hot spring of Iceland isn’t stimulating enough already, that is okay, there are plenty of other sites to slip away into and enjoy your stay in Iceland.

Like the restaurants before, here is just a shortlist of the many places you can discover on your visit to the hot springs of Iceland.

  • The Slakki Zoo.
  • The Golf Course at Selsvollur.
  • Geyser Hot Springs.
  • Solheimar Eco Village.
  • Kerio Volcanic Crater.

Still wondering about when the best time to visit the hot springs of Iceland is? Then don’t stop reading here.

When is the best moment to visit the Secret Lagoon?

The best moment to visit Secret Lagoon in Iceland is, of course, when you are there!

All joking aside, there truly isn’t a bad time to visit.

With a constant temperature of 38 to 40 degrees centigrade though, it may be best enjoyed, for its most natural characteristic, during the months of winter and early spring.

If you can imagine the comfort of submerging yourself within a pool of hot water surrounded by crisp, frigid winter air while steam rises up from all around you engulfing you in a cloudy winter mist, then you already know that true relaxation is waiting.

The Secret Lagoon vs Blue Lagoon Iceland: Which is better?

Most people wonder if the Blue Lagoon is the same as the Secret Lagoon, as both are in Iceland.

There of course are some definitive answers to these questions, especially if you began to ask the local residents themselves.

Why not check them out for yourself, though?

There will always be alternatives for both Blue Lagoon and Secret Lagoon when weighing one’s options.

However, the main difference between the two is the surrounding countryside and terrain.

The Secret Lagoon has been established in an active geothermal location surrounded by lush green forests and valleys while the Blue Lagoon gets its name from the deep turquoise color of its waters.

Also, the Blue Lagoon is situated among a barren lava field, quite the difference in scenery compared to the Secret Lagoon. Otherwise, you can expect the temperature of the waters be approximately the same for both of them.

When comparing the size of the hot springs, the available dining and entertainment, sanitation facilities, saunas, steam rooms, and gift shops; the Blue Lagoon will be at the top of the list for each category.

Compared to the Secret Lagoon, which has just one hot spring location and a modest cafeteria, so in the other hand you can expect to see a smaller number of visitors.

Only the best Secret Lagoon trips in Iceland can be found with the help from the team at MC Luxury Travel Group. Help make your next trip to Iceland a reality and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a moment of rejuvenation and good health at one of the world famous hot spring lagoons.

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