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Find the Best Cinque Terre Beaches to Fall in Love With

Find the Best Cinque Terre Beaches to Fall in Love With

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Captivating, picturesque, alluring, and dazzling are just some words one could use to try and summarize the natural beauty among the Cinque Terre beaches in Italy, a region as beautiful as Amalfi Coast.

The name meaning “Five Lands” which refers to the number of villages found in the region.

With a much larger population of beaches spread out across its coastline, you are sure to find a beach suited to the personality of any visitor.

Where is Cinque Terre?

Cinque Terre consists of five charming fishing villages built along the rugged cliffs and foothills that make up part of a protected UNESCO heritage site on the Italian Riviera within the region of Liguria.

Consider the remaining ancient footpaths and mule trails as the most authentic and adventurous way to see this iconic, romantic region of Italy.

When Should You Travel to Cinque Terre?

The warm appeal of a summer basking in Mediterranean sunlight on the Italian Riviera will not disappoint.

However, if its a genuinely relaxing, remote, and relatively tourist-free time you are seeking, then consider visiting during the ever slightly colder months of September and October.

After the summer influx of travelers has begun to die down, and you can still enjoy warm, comfortable weather throughout the region.

Famous Beaches in Cinque Terre

Are there beaches in Cinque Terre? Only some of the best found on the Italian Riviera.

As you travel through the villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, you will be met with unique beaches in Cinque Terre at each location.

Expect to meet sand and pebbles, rugged coastlines and cliffs, and even the more wild and remote along with your search for the perfect beach in Cinque Terre.

Monterosso’s Beach

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If its a fabulous beach made of sand, sun, umbrellas, and beach chairs, then Monterosso beach will satisfy.

A relatively new location for travelers, you will find several great restaurants and eateries, along with bars and pubs all along the promenade.

You can also find an adjacent beach containing a more private allure in the old town location of Monterosso.

Vernazza Beach

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A harbor beach consisting of a small, sandy swimming location and a stunning location to spread out and tan across a series of flat boulders.

Enjoy the relatively still and calm waters protected by the surrounding natural barriers of the harbor while you view the incoming and outgoing fishing vessels.

A second, stone and pebble beach sits to the east.

Riomaggiore Beach

best beaches near cinque terre

A public beach coupling clear water with boulder formations among a well-known marina where you can keep watch of sailing and boat activity coming in and out of the local ferry dock situated there.

Manarola Beach

Not a fabulous beach, but a wonderfully blue, deep-water swimming hole surrounded by natural rock formations for those seeking a more recreational adventure.

A ladder is provided to make your way out of the swimming location, along with a shower to clean up when you are finished.

Guvano Beach

A uniquely beautiful beach in the region that attracts a more free-spirited community of beach travelers.

In other words, travelers in the nude.

Mainly due to its private nature, where you are required to travel through a one-kilometer long tunnel with no available lighting beyond what you bring yourself.

Best Beaches Near Cinque Terre

If the best beaches in Cinque Terre were not enough to satisfy, or you desire to fulfill your curiosity for the surrounding areas.

Then you can still find several scenic beaches near Cinque Terre that have blessed visitors and travelers for centuries.

Given their relative closeness to the region, it is well worth the short time it would take to discover more of what the Italian Riviera has to offer.

Bay of Silence

A stunning sight of crystal clear sapphire waters, sandy beaches, and brightly colored Mediterranean architecture, the Bay of Silence is found just outside the Cinque Terre region in Sestri Levante.

Share a romantic evening on an outdoor terrace overlooking the bay with your partner, or take a seat under on one of the many available umbrellas and beach lounge chairs available.

San Terenzo

An ancient village with its sandy beaches reaching out alongside its facades of Ligurian baroque charm, the modern and recently developed beach of San Terenzo is ready to accommodate your luxury desires.

With an active promenade catering to visitors, you will find everything you need for your day within this quaint town bordering Lerici.

Yet another rare, sand beach not usually found in the Cinque Terre region.


where are the best beaches cinque terre

Situated nearby the regions of Portofino and Cinque Terre, the charming town of Camogli is still a well-kept secret among travelers to the Italian Riviera.

An unlikely sight of tall houses, or palazzi, line the coastal front of its beaches, some reaching eight stories tall, providing an unusual contrast of man-made architecture and rugged natural beauty, together as one.

So much so that parts of the seaside promenade are built out onto a pier to accommodate the change of tide, allowing you to literally relax over the very ocean itself.

Fossola Beach

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For those seeking a unique and remote hike along the rocky hillside of the country then Fossola Beach will reward you with an uncommon pebble and stone beach perfect for settling into the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

Located next to the village of Riomaggiore, where you will find the most satisfying and filling of traditional Italian cuisine.

Palmaria Island

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An uncommon beauty awaits those who seek to travel to the Palmaria Island just outside the region of Cinque Terre.

Accessible only by boat, this location offers multiple remote and wild beaches well worth a day or two of exploration and relaxation.

Not to mention the first beach on the Island containing paid facilities offering visitors unique amenities for a full day of exploration.

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