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10 Things to Do in Amalfi Coast, Italy

10 Things to Do in Amalfi Coast, Italy

things to do in amalfi coast

The classic Mediterranean landscape of the Amalfi coast is enough to leave even the most scrutinizing traveler in sheer aw.

A beautiful and penetratingly seductive coastline adorning the south of Italy, where the mountains and its people run into the very edges of the shoreline of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

A region as popular as Cinque Terre and well known for its production of Italy’s famous limoncello liqueur. You could very well find yourself among its terraced lemon groves as well as enjoying a dish in the Amalfi interior with fresh-caught anchovies.

Do you want to discover the best 10 things to do in Amalfi Coast? Stay with us in MC Luxury Travel Group and take some notes.

Where is The Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast is situated in the Province of Salerno, a point in southern Italy along the northern shore of the Salerno Gulf, and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

A real natural gem of Italy, it was listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site in the year of 1997.

With a mild Mediterranean climate experiencing warm summers and mild winters, it is truly a unique and extravagant paradise. Not to mention its popularity as a destination for shooting film and television productions.

There is no shortage of things to see and do in Amalfi Coast in Italy.

When Is the Best Time to Go?

If steady crowds of tourists are not your idea of a pleasant stay, then the best time to visit Amalfi Coast is in the spring or late fall.

Either May or September will leave you with limited tourist intrusion and temperatures that still reach 22 ºC to 27ºC.

Though winter may sound appealing for travelers looking for more accommodation options, keep in mind that many shops and restaurants do end up closing after the tourist season has come to an end.

Best Places to Visit on the Amalfi Coast

It goes without saying that many travelers head to the Amalfi Coast beaches and shorelines when seeking to pass the time in shared Mediterranean bliss.

Sometimes, finding local, secret things to do.

However, a short distance to the interior of the Amalfi coast will most definitely leave you in fairytale-like surroundings among terraces of lemon groves situated among flourishing woodlands, and dwellings settled along the very mountains themselves.

Sorrento, your starting point

This picturesque location is either going to be the beginning or the end of your Almafi coast journey. It won’t soon be forgotten, in any case.

Being one of the more significant and more popular destinations you can easily find the best of adventure and luxury side by side.

Maiori, the best beaches

Another town just a short distance from Amalfi with the best beaches that can be found along the entire Amalfi Coast.

Miles of beautiful, soft sand will leave any mind at ease.

No need to worry about grand preparations for your day at the beach, either. Everything you need can easily be found within the many shops, vendors, and cafes nearby at the main Corso Reginna.

Positano, your picturesque idea of a Mediterranean town

The pastel-colored abodes of Positano will leave you knowing where that last travel photograph of the Mediterranean you saw was taken.

It’s that picturesque. Indeed, not the only thing to see in this town, though.

Capri, wonderful mountains, beaches and grottoes

Next to the very town of Amalfi itself, Capri is one of the most popular locations along the Almafi Coast.

A short boat trip from Positano will leave you among its beaches, mountains, and sapphire blue grotto’s.

When the sun sets, head into the interior for your choice of bars, clubs, and a generally pleasant atmosphere.

Atrani, medieval architecture and black sand beaches

A hidden black sand beach location to slip into comfort and relaxation among medieval architecture.

Atrani is just a short distance from the town of Amalfi itself, but may feel like an entirely different world altogether.

Amalfi, a slower pace of life

The one location you have to pay a visit to along your journey.

A famous coastal town containing the two popular beach locations of Marina Grande and Santa Croce.

Take in the sunshine or view the beautiful medieval architecture of the interior. This is not a place to rush, through.

Fiordo di Furore, find a tourist escape

A unique place to find in the country of Italy, this location contains the countries only fjord and maybe its most scenic and picturesque beach.

If it’s a real escape you desire, then take your time at Fiordo di Furore.

Top Things to Do in the Amalfi Coast

If you are still wondering what makes this exotic location so appealing, then get ready to discover even more incredible places and top things to do in Amalfi Coast.

If visiting the famous town of Sorrento alone doesn’t have you wanting to pack your bags yet, maybe finding other cool things to do, such as a trip to the mountainous village of Ravello will help change your point of view.

There may not be a better location to experience the real sensation of reserved relaxation from a point of view like no other on this list.

Luxury relaxation in Praiano

things to do in the amalfi coast

A location that was once home to the Royal Amalfi Dukes and speaking of luxury, a location identified with a unique history of silk production,

Praiano is now a bustling center for arts and recreation along the Amalfi Coast.

Ravello, a mountaintop view of the Mediterranean

top things to do in amalfi coast

Of all the unique things to do in the Amalfi Coast, this is your place for relaxation from the more common, busty tourist locations.

Ravello is a mountaintop town situated between Amalfi and Maiori, and the views here are one of a kind.

Not to be enjoyed without a simple, tasteful dining experience among its many restaurant locations and outdoor terraces.

A truly romantic site for any couple!

The emerald green Grotta Dello Smeraldo Cave

things to do in amalfi coast italy

If you are looking for one of the best things to do in Amalfi Coast, the boat tours are offered regularly through one of the most outstanding grottoes to be found throughout all of Italy.

A subterranean world immersed in natural, emerald-colored light, sure to leave you wondering how such a place could exist.

The protected natural beauty of Valle Delle Ferriere

best things to do in amalfi coast

If its recreation you seek on your trip along the Amalfi Coast, then you won’t find a better place to enjoy hiking and biking trails set among the protected waterfalls and natural flora and fauna of Valle Delle Ferriere.

Not to mention the lack of tourists found in the location, too.

Take a boat to the mythological Sirenuse Islands

things to see and do in amalfi coast

A small Island chain situated between Capri and Positano, the Sirenuse Islands make up part of the Campanian Archipelago.

Once believed to be the ancient home of the Sirens of mythology, the Islands were later used for a monastery and a prison, and offer great sightseeing and snorkeling, but no one is allowed on the Islands themselves.

Walk the Path of the Gods in Sentiero Degli Dei

unique things to do in the amalfi coast

If the previous things to do in Amalfi Coast didn’t have you ready to pack your bags yet, then maybe the Path of the Gods will.

A rustic, bucolic, and remote location with views unlike any other of the Amalfi coast locations mentioned.

It is well worth your time to traverse “The Path of the Gods” and find out for yourself why such a name was bestowed upon the untamed, rugged beauty of Seniero Degli Dei.

Those are some of the best things to do in Amalfi Coast as you discover Italy, and one of the locations you can enjoy if you plan your trip with us in MC Luxury Travel Group. If you want to relax and explore all the corners of this wonderful place, maybe you’re looking for an Italy unique experience.

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