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Luxury Tours In Italy

Luxury Vacations In Italy

Italy is the crucible of western civilization and a multifaceted land that has given the world countless treasures in art, cuisine, and culture. The opportunity for luxury travel is endless. Splendor is found in every village, each ripe with whitewashed buildings that give way to olive groves and hills of vineyards.  Volcanic mountain ranges offer sweeping views over the Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, Ionian, and Ligurian Seas. The cities, filled with antiques, monuments, relics, and artwork, are bustling with life and exceptional cuisine. In keeping with Italy’s spirit, your MC Luxury Travel Group tour of Italy will devour the best that the country has on offer.

Planning your luxury Italy holiday is easy

We have high-end Italian vacation experts waiting to work with you to create your perfect getaway. Whether your trip focuses on the big three:  Rome, Florence and Venice, or dives beyond, visiting Italy’s charming villages, spectacular coastline, wild natural spaces, you will indulge in the local, seasonal produce that makes this country one of the world’s culinary leaders. MCLTG is ready to sculpt your perfect getaway using our three tiers of service, offering Gold, Platinum and Titanium levels of luxury.


Discover Italy

You could travel throughout Italy forever, losing yourself in the lifestyle and never fall short of experiences to discover. No matter how long your journey, or how many people you will travel with, MCLTG will work with you to make your luxury Italian holiday dreams a reality. Simply fill out the contact form on this website, and we’ll be in touch to help you make your perfect Italian getaway happen.

Luxury Italian holidays tailor-made

You will discover that the stereotypes of Italy are true. Yes, the food is routinely wonderful, diverse and fresh. Menus change daily and produce grown on-site, if not nearby, is frequently used.

The people are warm, welcoming, and fashionable, and seeing Italians scoot to their aperitivo on Vespas is not an uncommon sight.

Masterpieces of art and architecture, living history, and ancient ruins abound. The villages perch upon mountaintops with an unbeatable vantage of abundant fields and oceans. The cities, with remarkable statues and monuments sprinkled throughout, are hotbeds of European and Western culture, bustling metropolises that have somehow not lost their charm over the centuries of importance.

MCLTG will sculpt your luxury Italian tour to your needs, and we will fill it with as many experiences as you desire, at the level of service that you need. Our local travel experts will ensure that everything you need to see and do is achieved, as well as suggest experiences and locations that you may not have considered.

Where to stay with us

In Italy, opulence is never an issue, and you’ll be inundated with luxurious accommodation options on your tour. From palazzos to special hotel chains, charming rural getaways and boutique accommodation options off the beaten track, MCLTG’s regional expertise will put you in sleeping arrangements that will consistently satisfy and excite you.  


Where to Go

While the big cities and well-known regions have obvious, as well as unexpected charms, the areas in-between hold an authentic type of magic that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Whether it’s cities, the sea, mountains or museums, Italy has it all for the luxury traveler.


The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Saint Peter’s Basilica are all must-sees in Rome, but more than simply ticking off the sights, Rome is about experiencing them. Gelato on the Spanish Steps, an espresso alongside the Pantheon, it seems cliche, but it’s impossible not to have a dreamy Roman experience.


Florence is a must-see, rightfully known as the cradle of the Renaissance. Meanwhile the surrounding region ofTuscany, in particular the Chianti region, is famed for its olives and namesake wines.


Venice may be crowded, but for good reason. Few places on Earth are as romantic as this city on water.It would be difficult to consider a trip to Italy complete without a ride down the canals in a gondola.

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is synonymous with summers spent well, living a life of breathtaking opulence. Here you can bathe in a turquoise sea just down the hill from your palatial accommodation.


Sicily and surrounding islands give a glimpse into a simpler way of living.  The community focuses on eating well with what is provided to you by the land and sea, and taking your time to complete even the simplest of tasks.


The home of Italian fashion is Milan. This cosmopolitan, ancient city is dominated by both its beautiful people and the Duomo Cathedral.

Lake Como

Surrounded by the Alps and filled with deep, azure waters, Lake Como has long captured the imaginations of travelers, offering respite from the summer heat and unbridled opulence along its shores.

Emilia Romagna

The Emilia Romagna region is where Italy’s finest produce comes from. With a beautiful contrast between mountains and sea and offering wonderful conditions for Prosciutto di Parma, Balsamic vinegar, and Parmesan cheese, amongst other fresh, seasonal, regional produce.

Ancient Greek Theater in Taormina


The weather is mostly mild and uniform, with important distinctions to be made between the coastal and valley climates, and those found in Italy’s mountainous interior. Summers are hot and can be mostly rainless, while in the wintertime the mountain passes are often closed due to snowstorms.

Best time for sightseeing in Italy

Summer is hot and dry in Italy, which sounds perfect for the beach resorts, but it is also the country’s busiest season, with cities and their museums swelling with sightseers and sweltering with heat.

The best times are the shoulder seasons, spring and autumn, when the weather and crowds are milder. If you want to visit the Dolomites for an Italian ski adventure, however, the best time to visit is obviously in the winter.


Before you Go

Visa and passport requirements

Italy is a part of the Schengen Zone, giving travelers from a range of countries, including the USA, 90 days of visa-free travel out of every 180. 

Health issues

As a safe and stable European nation, there are no particular health issues in Italy.


Petty crime can be an issue in the big cities, particularly around tourist hotspots. Keep an eye out for scams and pickpockets, and be wary of overly friendly, or helpful, strangers in those areas.

In the countryside, or outside of the main sights in the cities, being helpful and friendly is the norm for Italians, but just be wary where scammers gather.

Certain football matches can be flashpoints for antisocial behavior, so be wary of big crowds gathering on game days.

Other Recommendations

Customs and etiquette: Italians are very sociable people and, as such, etiquette is important. Remember your greetings of bongiorno, for the daytime and buonasera in the evening. And try not to forget your per favore, grazie, or prego (please, thank you and you’re welcome).

When meeting somebody, shake their hand, and if you’re seeing them again give them a kiss on each cheek, starting with the left.

Dress and act respectfully when visiting churches, just as one would in any place of worship.

Italian drivers are notoriously crazy, for the want of a better word, with the idea of staying in one’s lane absent from many drivers’ skill sets.

Mealtimes: Breakfast is eaten between 7-11 am and is often sweet. This can include some amazing pastries, including the cornetto, Italy’s croissant cousin, offered alongside the obligatory espresso or caffe latte.

Lunches are served between 12-2 pm, often an hour later in the south. It is difficult to go astray when sampling the local antipasti. A primo piatto of pasta, or risotto, is the kitchen’s specialty, and a fresh, seasonal secondo piatto of local meat, or fish, served with perfectly seasoned vegetables, will give you a well-rounded dining experience.

Dinner is served up until 10 pm, and is often lighter than lunch, presenting an opportune time to eat pizza, followed by a gelato in the town square and a stroll through some magical alleyways.

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