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Pet Friendly

Discover The World With Your Pet By Your Side

MC Luxury Travel Group is wholeheartedly committed to the care and excellent treatment of animals. We understand that the treasured bond between your family and your pet is invaluable and precious, so we are devoted to meeting your every travel need and offering specialized travel solutions for your pets. It is our honor to provide a variety of services for your animal so you can focus on relaxing with your pet by your side on your luxury journey with us.

Nobody Left Behind

On your fabulous, exclusive journey, no one needs to be left behind. We understand that pets are an important part of your family, and prioritize treating them thusly while we care for your pets as you receive world-class treatment while dashingly island hopping or relaxing on your private charter to an overseas business meeting. 

Prime Pet Care

We believe in providing 24/7 care to both you and your beloved pet to ensure the highest degree of comfort whilst you indulge in your glamorous vacation. We are prepared to provide loving animal care from the moment of your departure until the moment you return home, day and night.

Global Pet Accommodations

We are equipped to care for your pet in all reaches of the globe. Whether you’re basking in the sun in the Meditteranean or enjoying a luxurious private flight over the Atlantic, your pet will be pampered as well.

Premier Pet Services

From safely flying your pet to you to walking them whilst you indulge in a nap or have a delicious gourmet meal, we are dedicated to ensuring your every need regarding your pet. Any request, from getting a day grooming service to making sure they are by your side during your journey with us, is accomplishable by our team. 

Our Pet Travel Services

While you are entertaining clients on a private superyacht cocktail party or reclined on your private charter to a business meeting overseas, MC Luxury Travel Group has the expertise to handle your every request for your pet with sophistication and savvy.

Pet Passport Services

We are happy to advise and guide you through the process of obtaining your pet’s passport. Each individual country has specific laws and requirements, so we make the process effortless and stress-free for you. All you must supply for us is your desired destination, the type of animal traveling with you, and we provide expertise on the passport process for your unique case. 

Pet Friendly Hotels & Services

MC Luxury Travel Group will select the perfect hotel for you and your pet. We utilize a database of over 35,000 pet friendly hotels and services in countries all over the world so we are able to confirm elegant, lavish accommodations for nearly any travel destination. The businesses with which we collaborate can be booked online with instant confirmation in 80% of cases, and all of them take pride in their careful handling of your animals and providing top-notch service.

International transportation

Our travel group is devoted to arranging transportation for your pet at any point throughout your journey with us. Whether it’s by land, air, or sea, we have the expertise to transport your pet with our fleet of private jets, fully air-conditioned luxury car, and boat services. 

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