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Luxury Tours In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Luxury Travel

Alternatively known as the “Tear of India” or the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, wonderful Sri Lanka conceals many charms for travelers. A land of wild national parks, deserted delightful beaches, and 2500 years of recorded civilization, Sri Lanka offers travelers much in the way of experience, luxury and culture.

From hilly tea plantations, national parks full of elephants and leopards, beaches where surfers play in azure Indian Ocean waves, and ancient temples are hidden in bustling cities, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer intrepid travelers. With MC Luxury Travel Group your getaway will be as opulent, enticing and exciting as you want it to be.

Planning your luxury Sri Lanka holiday is easy

MCLTG will take meticulous care in helping you plan your perfect luxury Sri Lankan getaway. All you need to do is dream big and fill out a contact form on this website. From there you’ll be paired with a local travel expert who will help you develop your dream trip, and then make it a reality. We give you the option of three levels of luxury, Gold, Platinum, and Titanium.

Discover Sri Lanka

At the crossroads of Indian Ocean trade and migration, and within sight of the Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka has for a long time been a land of adventures, sensory overloads, and divergent cultures. Sri Lanka is a culinary wonderland, a place where flavors overwhelm, where ancient temples are still used for worship, and the 2,500-year-old Sinhalese culture is still palatable.

With the civil war now over, tourism is flooding back into Sri Lanka. There is no shortage of luxury Sri Lankan experiences for travelers to enjoy while traveling around the compact yet enigmatic island. Whether it’s excitement, relaxation, cultural enrichment, sensory satisfaction, or a combination of it all that you are chasing, Sri Lanka will not disappoint.

When you travel to Sri Lanka with MCLTG you will find yourself relentlessly treated to luxury accommodation options. Our expert travel representatives will ensure that your standards are relentlessly met, that your experiences are unique and engaging, and that throughout you are treated like a cherished family member.

Traditional fishermen at the sunset, Galle

Where to stay with us

When traveling throughout Sri Lanka with MCLTG you will sleep in boutique jungle retreats, high-end hotel chains, perfect beachfront resorts, and legendary colonial institutions. There is no limit to the luxury of your accommodations.

Where to Go

Any luxury tour of Sri Lanka has to take in the cities and the natural spaces, the beaches, and the hills.


Wonderfully colonial Colombo is most likely your first and last touchpoint with Sri Lanka, a beautifully bustling and ever-expanding Indian Ocean city where your culinary dreams are met, senses stimulated and you can shop for the jewels that Sri Lanka is famous for.


Located in the center of the country, Kandi is Sri Lanka’s cultural capital and travelers will find themselves surrounded by jungle, rice paddies, and tea plantations as they enjoy the temples and history of Sri Lanka’s cooler second city.

South Coast

The southern coast is dominated by Galle Fort, a historically important city situated on the main trade routes between East and West. It’s the perfect launchpad for the southern coastal beaches where visitors enjoy virgin white-sand, palm-fringed beaches, crashing waves, and azure waters barely concealing coral reefs and abundant sea life.

Yala National Park

From the Yala National Park, travelers can enjoy the spectacle of tropical wildlife in its natural habitat. You can see everything from elusive leopards to vast herds of elephants roaming the pristine landscape all while sleeping in luxury jungle retreats.

No trip to this country is complete without a visit to the tea country, where Sri Lanka’s most treasured export is grown in accordance with local traditions.

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic at Kandy


Sri Lanka has two monsoon seasons, with the southwestern monsoons delivering predictable rain to that part of the country between May and September. Alternatively, you’re almost guaranteed hot and dry conditions in the same areas between December and March.

These regions include Sri Lanka’s most popular tourist zones including the south coast beaches and Colombo. This is the most popular time for tourists to visit Sri Lanka.

The northeastern monsoon runs from November to January, while the north and east coast can expect dry conditions between May and September.

To see the whole country on a bespoke luxury tour of Sri Lanka we recommend traveling in the shoulder seasons of April or September.

Before you Go

Visa and passport requirements

Travelers can obtain a 30-day tourist visa after applying for electronic travel authorization online.

Health issues

While malaria has been eradicated in Sri Lanka, dengue fever is still present and travelers should take precautions against mosquito bites even in the cities.

There’s a good chance that travelers can contract traveler’s diarrhea, and caution should be taken while brushing one’s teeth and even showering.

There are also health issues associated with being in the tropics, including heat stroke and sunburn and prudence should be exercised when outdoors.


While the civil war is now over, there are continuing ethnic tensions in parts of the country. It is best to avoid large congregations of people. There have been recent terrorist attacks, but they are isolated incidents.

The 2014 tsunami devastated the south coast, but since then enhanced prevention measures have been put in place.

There are cases of petty crime and touts harassing travelers, but your local guides will ensure that you are safe when you travel through Sri Lanka.

Golden Temple, Dambulla

Other Recommendations

Customs and etiquette: while it is the most westernized nation in South Asia, there are still many cultural pitfalls that the unwary traveler can unwittingly commit.

Always use your right hand for all transactions with locals as the left is considered unclean. Also, overt displays of affection are frowned upon in public, and similarly, toplessness or nudity on beaches is unheard of.

Expect Sri Lankans to be naturally curious and to ask you about your travel plans and how you are enjoying their country. While you may be frustrated at the invasion of your solitude, the questions really do come from a place of interest and the locals are simply excited to have you enjoying their country.

Mealtimes: the food in Sri Lanka is reason enough for visitors to return time and time again, and no trip is complete without trying as many local dishes as you can.

Breakfast is usually finished by 10 am, and while fruit and coffee are available widely, local breakfasts consist of rice, various curries, dahl, roti bread, and sambal.

Lunch is generally an assortment of curries, from various vegetable curries, fish curry, and other meats, with spice levels ranging from atomic to mild.

Dinner is when Sri Lankans will try hoppers, or rice noodles, rice, and the exceptional kottu, which is a kind of stir-fried bread dish that is as notable for its taste as it is for the clanking noises that accompany its preparation.

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