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Thailand is where stunning, untouched natural beauty rubs alongside bustling cities and ancient wisdom and culture coexists with modernity. Thailand’s natural beauty and man-made luxury are only outshone by the kingdom’s food and culture. Even so, all this pales in comparison to the local’s infectious smiles and lust for life. It’s why Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles”.

Thailand is an assault on the senses. Whether it’s the sounds and sights of the city, or fresh produce being prepared in a unique Thai style you will be perpetually titillated. Long a haunt for the high-end traveler, you will find in Thailand infrastructure to make your luxury Thai holiday perpetually relaxing, and completely exciting when booking your adventure with us.

Planning Your Luxury Thailand Holiday Is Easy

Let your imagination run wild when planning your luxury getaway and let our local luxury travel agents help you in making the perfect Thai escape. No matter how long you have to travel, or who you want to travel with, MCLTG will ensure that all the needs and desires of your group are exceeded by our three levels of luxury service, offering Gold, Platinum and Titanium packages. If you want to know what to do in Thailand, we have the answer! Contact us and we’ll create your private tour.

Wat Mahathat Temple

Discover Thailand

Diversity is Thailand’s most appealing attribute. Diversity in smells and flavors, diversity in people, and a diverse range of luxury experiences will fill up your Thai getaway.

The natural beauty in Thailand is astounding and the Buddhist culture ancient and calming. Bangkok’s neon jungle and fine dining opportunities, the calm and cool hill-tribe regions in the north, Thailand’s beach resorts, perfectly sapphire seas, and limitless opportunities for adventure mean the traveler is treated to endless opportunities.

With MC Luxury Travel Group as your guide, you will experience the best that Thailand has to offer and be bathed in the abundant smiles that the kingdom serves up on a daily basis. From the planning process, and throughout your trip, when you travel with MCLTG you will be treated to a familial level of service.

Where to stay with us

Your luxury trip to Thailand will see you sleeping in beautiful beachside resorts, boutique hotels hidden in natural reserves, and in the finest high-end hotel chains in the cities. Utter luxury is the order of the day when sleeping and staying in this country.

Wat Arun, Bangkok
Wat Arun, Bangkok

Where to Go

From the mountains to the sea, the city, village and lush jungle destinations in Thailand are as diverse as they are gorgeous.


Bustling, neon Bangkok, a city of more than 8 million inhabitants and the breathing soul of the country is filled with modern amenities and hotels alongside ancient Buddhist monuments and shrines to Thailand’s history. The hotels and food in the capital are without compare.

Chiang Mai

In the north, in the Golden Triangle, Chiang Mai is where we go to relax and enjoy the more moderate temperatures, laid-back way of life, and to gain insight into the engaging lifestyle of Thailand’s hill tribes.


The island of Phuket is a beachgoer’s paradise, with high-end beachfront resorts giving unimpeded access to warm sapphire seas and white sand beaches.

Khai Lak

Near Phuket, this is a more relaxed interpretation of the classic Andaman Sea beach resort. Absolute opulence in a reasonably secluded setting.


This is the perfect place to get lost in nature, with the awesome natural formations favored by rock climbers, and the Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta National Parks within striking distance from this natural paradise.

Gulf of Thailand

Koh Samui, on the Gulf of Thailand side, offers more perfectly blue waters and white sand beach resorts, as well as world-class diving. In particular, the nearby Koh Tao island is exceptionally beautiful and Koh Phangan’s known for its infamous full moon parties.



If you want to know when to go to Thailand remember that there are three main seasons, and influenced by monsoonal forces prevalent in the area. The hot season runs from February to May and presents the perfect time to visit the islands in Thailand’s south.

The wet season lasts from May to October and often even until December in the south. This is when tourists are advised to visit the mountainous areas in Thailand’s north.

The cool season, from October until February, sees rather chilly conditions in the north, and tourists may be pleased to visit Chiang Mai during this time to enjoy the winter flowers.

Historic City of Ayutthaya

Before you Go

Visa and passport requirements

Tourists can obtain a tourist visa at the Thai border for stays of up to 60 days.

Health issues

Luxury travelers to Thailand will have access to excellent medical services while on their vacation. There can be issues with dengue fever and, to a lesser extent, malaria near the border areas. So, be sure to take precautions against mosquito bites.

There have been cases of rabies, so avoiding animals is also advised. All MC Luxury Travel Group tours come with comprehensive travel insurance.


Despite being considered a “developing” country, the parts of Thailand that we’ll be visiting represent the pinnacle in opulence and safety. The country has experienced some political turmoil in recent years, so the local situation should be monitored, and demonstrations should be avoided.

There is a petty crime problem in the cities and tourist centers, but nothing that can’t be avoided with a reasonable level of vigilance.

Other Recommendations

Customs and etiquette: Thailand is the Land of Smiles, and you will find the people to be very accommodating to you as a traveler and farang, or foreigner. There are, however, some customs and etiquette that should be adhered to, which might not be obvious to the first time visitor.

It is advised never to point with one’s feet, or raise them above the head of others, as that is considered offensive in Thai Buddhist culture. You should similarly avoid touching people’s heads at all.

Don’t lose your temper. Like in other parts of Asia, losing face is a grave offense. What’s more, remember not to insult the king, as travelers have been jailed for making this mistake.

Remove your shoes when entering people’s homes, temples, and some businesses, and try not to use your left hand when dealing with Thai people as it’s considered “unclean”.

Mealtimes: Thai food is famous around the world, and the assault on your senses at every stage of your trip is why many travelers love Thailand as a luxury travel destination.

While you will have access to international cuisine wherever you go, no trip would be complete without trying some Thai cuisine. Rice is eaten even for breakfast, with savory soups, vegetables and even often spicy meat.

Beware Thai spices, and if you like hot food at home, be sure to request foreigner spice, not local spice, at least at the beginning of your trip. Street food is everywhere and should be tried at least once, with Pad Thai and satay being the gateway to an entire universe of curries, stir-fries, and soups.

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